Ambica Jagrup, Chief of Command

Anankumar (Vicky) Manick, Warehouse Team

Brittany Lusterman, Accounting Department

Hi, I'm Brittany. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy whistling, climbing trees and painting but my biggest passion is dancing.

Christopher Bahadur, Warehouse Team

I would consider myself highly motivated and a hard-working individual. Most of my free time is spent playing guitar and singing to country style music.

A little bit of soccer and billiards, here and there, but let's not forget the most important: I love having fun with my family and coworkers!

Droni Raghuraj, Warehouse Team

Hi, I’m Droni and my favorite activities are to cook and sew.

Emma Mangal, General Manager

I’m Emma and I like to enjoy life and make the best out of everything.

Harrikash (Vick) Sookraj, Onsite Inspector

My name is Vick. I am an airline inspector here at EZR. My hobbies are swimming and listening to music.

Leah P. Horowitz, Team VP

I’m Leah. I consider myself to be a very dedicated person towards my job as I not only take pride in being part of such an amazing team but enjoy doing it every day as well. On my days off I enjoy flying airplanes.

Mahasatie (Mala) Budhu, Warehouse Team

Hi, I’m Mala and I like to help others.

Naresh Khelwan, Warehouse Team

Hi, my name is Naresh and to me family is the key to happiness. Spending time with my loved ones and cooking up wonderful meals brings that extra joy to my heart.

Ramlall Budhu, Warehouse Team

My name is Rami, my hobbies are fishing, horse riding, traveling and most of all I love plumbing.

Saif Ali, Warehouse Team

Hi my name is Saif Ally and I love to work. I like keeping myself busy at all times, always coming up with something to do in my spare time. I enjoy experimenting & inventing creative ways to everyday chores.  I am always working on vehicles; tuning, audio installation, custom speaker box building, welding, electrical construction, part mechanic and fishing. Above all I would have to say my favorite hobby would be motor sports racing.

Yehi Yul Melamed

EZR Team.

Meet the EZR Team

Based in New York, EZR Group takes pride in delivering custom logistics solutions, turning jobs around ‍‍‍in minimum time, and exceeding our client's expectations.

Hi, apart from being a tidy freak, I enjoy cooking and who can forget, baking! I love the late summer backyard nights, rocking in the hammock, glass of wine in hand, looking at the stars. Above all, my utmost favorite hobby is candle making.

Hey my name is Vicky and I am very hard working person. my hobbies are fishing and spending time with my family. I enjoy taking my kids for a stroll through the park. Some of my past time activities include welding and construction.

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