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EZR is a Logistic Group of companies, each one specialize in a different aspect of supply chain and together create a full logistic solution. Our main offices located in JFK - New York Airport, servicing the Tri state area for JFK / EWR / PHL Airports and provide logistic Services to the rest of the US and Central & south America.
EZR Group's subsidiary companies provide customized services to a wide range of industries, including the Medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, and fashion sectors.

EZR Packing

EZR Packing offers comprehensive logistics services, including end-to-end storage services, shipping and handling, crating, DG services, and more.


Blue Battalion – provides time-critical services. On call 24/7, the company expedites critical shipments – from life-saving medicine to valuable artwork and more.

REHO Solutions

REHO Solutions specializes in temperature-controlled logistics. The company operates a temperature-controlled US custom bonded warehouse, and transports shipments of all sizes and temperature. Also offers passive and active TC solutions for a various sizes and temperature ranges.

ASM Northern Alliance

ASM is an investment holding company that identifies and invests in ideas that can potentially impact the future of logistics. The company’s experts collaborate with start-ups and initiatives that develop innovative warehousing, crating, time critical and DG-related technologies.

EZR Group proudly represents DELTA T in the USA. Import and distribute its products.

At EZR Group, we’re interested in the people behind the business. Our fast-response service is based on personal attention and a deep understanding of dynamic human needs.
We believe in a different kind of outsourcing relationship – one that encompasses the breadth and resources of a global supply chain powerhouse while operating staunchly with people as the core focus. From our customers to the patient at the end of the supply chain, EZR is more than a name. It’s our philosophy.

  1. Integration on a Global Scale
  2. Speed & Flexibility of Service
  3. Culture of Quality
  4. Transparent, Personalized Customer Service